PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit v3.6.1

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Released: Apr 2, 2015
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Application PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit v3.6.1
application, 1491K, uploaded Apr 3, 2015 - 2762 downloads

Release Notes

Lots of improvements and fixes!
  • Added Zero-Config deployment for MSI files. No need to customize anything. Drop your MSI in the Files folder and run the toolkit. Information is pulled from the MSI to do branding, logging, and closing in-use processes.
  • Added -DisableLogging switch to Deploy-Application.ps1 to disable logging to file for the script
  • Added -SoftwareUpdatesScanWaitInSeconds and -WaitForPendingUpdatesTimeout parameters to Install-SCCMSoftwareUpdates
  • Added -WildCard search option to Get-InstalledApplication and Remove-MSIApplications
  • Added -PassThru option to Test-Battery which will return the following properties: IsLaptop, IsUsingACPower, ACPowerLineStatus, BatteryChargeStatus, BatteryLifePercent, BatteryLifeRemaining, BatteryFullLifetime
  • Added following parameters to Remove-MSIApplications to match those in Execute-MSI: -Parameters, -AddParameters, -LoggingOptions, -LogName
  • Added default active username for -UserName parameter in Execute-ProcessAsUser
  • Added -SkipMSIAlreadyInstalledCheck parameter to Execute-MSI function to allow ability to skip the check that determines if an MSI is already installed on the system
  • Added SID property to Get-LoggedOnUser function results
  • Added -LoadLoggedOnUserEnvironmentVariables parameter to Refresh-SessionEnvironmentVariables function to allow loading user environment variables when running in the SYSTEM context
  • Added ability in Set-ActiveSetup to execute active setup entry for currently logged on user when running under the SYSTEM account
  • Added ability to detect Primary UI language of active logged in user when running under the SYSTEM account
  • Added function Get-WindowTitle to add abiility to search for an open window title and return details about the window
  • Added -WindowHandle and -GetAllWindowTitles parameters to Send-Keys function
  • Added ability to detect display scale factor for currently logged on user when running under the SYSTEM account
  • Added -PassThru parameter to Execute-MSI and Remove-MSIApplications to return ExitCode, STDOut, and STDErr output
  • Fixed issue introduced in 3.6 whereby the toolkit timeout would not be triggered resulting in the wrong exit code being passed
  • Fixed issue in Install-MSUpdates where a folder path with a KB number in the folder name would force the regex to only detect that one KB in the folder
  • Fixed issue in Get-ServiceStartMode to avoid error when DelayedAutoStart property does not exist
  • Fixed issue introduced in 3.6.0 where $sessionZero was incorrectly set to $false after being set to the correct value
  • Fixed issue in Test-PowerPoint related to accurately measuring the size of a non-fullscreen window
  • Fixed variable type for -PassThru parameter in functions for manipulating services
  • Fixed issue in Execute-ProcessAsUser which improperly caused script exit
  • Fixed issue in Get-UserProfiles where 'DefaultUserProfile' registry value was mis-typed as 'DefaultUsersProfile'
  • Fixed issue in Show-InstallationWelcome to avoid error if the Description field of a hung process could not be accessed
  • Fixed issue where script would hang when removing deferals (cause: Remove-RegistryKey did not have -Recurse parameter specified)
  • Changed Send-Keys function to use new Get-WindowTitle function when searching for window titles
  • Changed Deploy-Application.exe to exit with exit codes in the newly defined range
  • Improved Install-SCCMSoftwareUpdates to only execute if SCCM 2012 or higher installed because method is not compatible with SCCM 2007 or lower
  • Improved Install-SCCMSoftwareUpdates to check if SCCM client service is installed and running before trying to install updates
  • Improved Invoke-SCCMTask to check if SCCM client service is installed and running before invoking task
  • Improved Invoke-SCCMTask to add a few more SCCM 2012 client compatible schedule ids and to only allow execution of a schedule id compatible with the installed version of the client
  • Improved Block-AppExecution by using the import XML method of creating a scheduled task so that we could configure the task that unblocks applications to execute even if running on batteries
  • Improved Deploy-Application.ps1 by setting exit code to 60008 if AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 fails to dot source
  • Improved Send-Keys function to be able to detect all open windows (including Explorer windows and all child windows), and also to bring any child window into the foreground
  • Improved -PromptToSave function to allow prompting for all child windows of a single instance application (such as Microsoft Word)
  • Improved the behavior for dialog shown when user tries to execute a blocked app so that no more than one dialog can be shown at a time
  • Improved documentation

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