Custom dialog with countdown and deferal

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Dec 17, 2014 at 12:51 AM
Has anyone written an extension function that will show a dialog that can have custom title and text and buttons, have a countdown for dialog timeout, and do the deferal processing?

I would like to display a notification dialog letting the customer know that a reboot is required after the installation and give them the option to start now or postpone and have a deadline for when they can no longer postpone. If the dialog times out or is postponed, the installation exits until it is tried again automatically by config manager. Once the deadline is reached the installation takes place automatically.

I cannot see a way to do the above with the current show-installation dialogs. I think that if show-installationwelcome and show-installationprompt were combined that would do it. So i think it can be written. Hoping someone has written it already.