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User interface with check box for installation.

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Dec 10, 2014 at 1:09 PM
I would like something like this for our suite of application products we have for users. Basically we are going to leverage the SCCM app store for our users and present to them a package suite in which they would request download from the app store. This suite would essentially be user interface they download that gives them a UI a list of check boxes to pick which applications from the suite they would like to install. ON the back end essentially they would check a box which drops their machine into a deployment collection for the application they selected. I am just trying to see if this would be feasible with this tool or not... I do not per say want to add every application as a if true statement in the package as the entire suite can get up to 15gb in size so by doing this method users would not be downloading every application in ccm cache.