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Odd Powershell Behavior

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Apr 30, 2014 at 5:47 PM
So this is probably more of a Powershell issue than an ADT issue but lets see what people think.

I'm using ADT to customize an large COTS product install and do the post install configuration.

The general flow is...

1 - Gather all the config information needed
2 - Write out a silent installer properties file
3 - Run the installer silently using the properties file
4 - Copy license files
5 - Make some registry entries
6 - Disable some services
7 - Execute some command line utilities
8 - perform some tests to ensure its working

There is never a reboot needed. Everything works fine until step 7.

Step 7 the command line utilities fail. If I run the exact same commands after powershell exits they work fine. If I modify the script to just jump to 7 at that point, it works fine. It just won't execute the command line utilities in the same script that it installed them for whatever reason.

They always exit with:

Execution failed with code: -1073741515

Any idea's?
Apr 30, 2014 at 6:00 PM
I have an idea of how you might troubleshoot alright. So try this:

$processReturn = Execute-Process "CmdLineUtil.exe" -PassThru -ContinueOnError $true

Write-Log $processReturn

This will capture the details of the CLI tool to the log. If you don't get a result, it's something funky with PowerShell. If you do, it's probably going to indicate a problem in a previous step, or maybe just a timing issue. For example, some services might still be starting when you run the CLI utils that a simple Sleep -Seconds 10 would fix.

Hope this helps.