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“Truly powerful application deployment toolkit written in PowerShell! Solving some classic problems “

Jörgen Nilsson, Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Client Management

“Another very cool SCCM 2012 must have tool - PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit”

Kent Agerlund, Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Client Management

“This is really an exceptional Toolkit! It's the swiss army knive for software deployment. For every task you possible need to perform, there is a function for it. And you can extend it with your own functions if you like. Even when you're using something like SCCM to deploy your software, the toolkit can have real value as it fills the gabs left by SCCM. Thanks!”


“Excellent support guys! This toolkit is the best thing around to easily wrap and deploy software to end users and it just keeps on getting better with every release!”

Maarten Pauchet

“The PowerShell App Deployment toolkit rocks! I tried it today and love it.”

Alex Verboon

“Life Saver! PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit allows me 100% flexibility when deploying applications via SCCM. I couldn't do my job without it.”


“Amazing work, very useful for a variety of deployment challenges, especially where deployments depend on closing of in-use applications to succeed. Although I am not a PowerShell expert by any means, I've found the PS App Deployment Toolkit to be invaluable for filling some "gaps" in our deployment capacity. We use SCCM 2012 R2 but with the toolkit having the ability to prompt users to close apps and allow deferrals as well as friendly completion dialogs and all the other customisation and extensibility when required is awesome! Thanks to all the people involved for making this happen!”Amazing work, very useful for a variety of deployment challenges, especially where deployments depend on closing of in-use applications to succeed.


“The new Send-Keys function is very powerful, I love the addition! It's great that you guys are actively seeking out useful extensions from community members. Although PSADT is intended to be used as an add-on to SCCM, I have found it to be invaluable for our deployment suite, Altiris.”


“Our team currently manages approximately 30,000 PCs in our organization along with hundreds of applications. Our current managed application packages are wrapped with Wise script. We had plans to migrate our wrapper scripting to PowerShell. However, we knew that writing our years old standard Wise package wrapper template from scratch in PowerShell was going to be very challenging. App Deployment Toolkit is the exact toolkit we needed. Thanks for the great solution. This will make our migration to PowerShell Application Package Wrapper Standard a whole lot easier.”

This toolkit is an app packager's dream come true, the Microsoft SCCM team could learn a thing or two from this tool. The SCCM application model is great but since most apps require scripting unloading the app installation into a non standard script is just not going to work on the long term. This toolkit provides structure, customization and greatly reduced packaging time. This tookit really shines if you need meaningful user interaction.

“This is an amazing helpful tool! Thank you so much for your work guys!”

“Very useful toolkit for software deployment with a nice set of features.”

“Works great for deploying Java by forcing for the shutdown of browsers and java updating system to allow for a smooth, clean install.”

“Great work you guys. I've been in app packaging and deployment for 10 years and this is THE BEST tool i've seen to date. Thank you!“


“Since I have moved to using this toolkit for all my installs I have found adjusting the installations are much quicker and smoother. A lot of times I need to close apps or uninstall old version and the one-off script to accomplish the task at hand is less than perfect. Now I have a template ps1 file to incorporate all the things I have had to do thus far so I never have to reinvent the wheel for things I have already done. The fact that all the ps1 files have the same look and feel is also nice. The logging provided has also allowed me to quickly troubleshoot issues that would have taken much longer in the past. Now all my deployments have logging be default. I can't say enough good things about toolkit.
Thanks Again!”


“Everything that I have been looking to do with Application Deployments in SCCM has always been hindered by a couple things. Non-standard scripts to install, needing the user to shut certain programs down and keep them closed - even the program returning a reboot code when I tried to suppress. This toolkit has allowed me to resolve all of these issues. If it weren't for the fact that others have reviewed it - I would have assumed they wrote it with me in mind! This tool will make any Application Deployment much, much better. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!”


“I now package all my applications using this and have started to go back and repackage my old powershell installations. This toolkit rocks. Thank you!”



The PS App Deployment Toolkit has featured in the following industry conferences:

- “Become the Hero of the Day - Master ConfigMgr 2012 R2 with a Limited Budget and Free Community Tools” sessions at NIC Conference 2013 and System Center Universe 2014 (Kent Agerlund).

- “Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Community Jewels session at MS TechEd North America 2014 (Jorgen Nilsson, Stefan Schörling) – see video @ 18 mins:

- “Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Community Jewels” session at MS TechEd Europe 2014 (Jorgen Nilsson, Stefan Schörling) – see video @ 21 mins:

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