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PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit v3.6.2

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Released: Apr 14, 2015
Updated: Apr 14, 2015 by sintaxasn
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Release Notes

We have moved to a new homepage! You can now find us as

Note that the CodePlex discussion forums will remain in place for historical purposes only (as we couldn't migrate them). Additionally, we urge all toolkit extension authors to post their extensions in the new forums. Thank you! :)

There are a number of important bugfixes in 3.6.2:
  • Improved capture of error details in function Invoke-HKCURegistrySettingsForAllUsers when a user profile fails to load
  • Improved internal function Test-MsiExecMutex: renamed function to Test-IsMutexAvailable, added parameters to allow checking for any named mutex, improved error trapping and messages
  • Improved Get-LoggedOnUser by increasing performance (should be much faster now)
  • Improved Show-WelcomePrompt by adding horizontal scrollbar for listbox items that are longer then the window
  • Changed toolkit so that all custom C# code is now in a separate file called "AppDeployToolkitMain.cs" which gets compiled once after functions are declared
  • Added an alias called 'Text' for the -Message parameter in Write-Log for backwards compatibility
  • Fixed issue with retrieving the active logged in user's system DPI scale factor because of typo in registry key
  • Fixed issue with malformed log entries being inserted into log file when dot sourcing scriptblock to retrieve logged in user session details
  • Fixed issue in Remove-MSIApplications where 'Path' key could be added to hash table more than once
  • Fixed issue with detecting a logged in user's locale
  • Fixed issue in Get-RunningProcesses where a regex match would detect processes that partially matched the name of the process being searched for
  • Fixed issue in Get-RunningProcesses and Show-InstallationWelcome where a specified custom process description was ignored
  • Fixed issue where Deploy-Application.ps1 script version would be set to toolkit version if it was not specified

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This is an Awesome Tool
by Pommysdk on Apr 27, 2015 at 8:35 AM