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Jan 8, 2016 at 11:01 PM
In Example 5 of PSAppDeploymentToolkitAdminGuide.docx

C:\PS> Execute-Process -Path 'setup.exe' -Parameters "/s /v"ALLUSERS=1 /qn /L* \"$configToolkitLogDir\$installName.log`""

Launch InstallShield "setup.exe" with embedded MSI and force log files to the logging folder.

I tried putting it in Notepad++ but is greys out all text below it.
It seems there is a quote or something missing from the example?
Execute-Process -Path 'setup.exe' -Parameters "/s /v`"ALLUSERS=1 /qn /L* \`"$configToolkitLogDir\$installName.log`""
I need a good example because I have an installer.exe that uses the following parameters in a .cmd file:
Setup.exe /S /v"/qn REBOOT="ReallySuppress" /L*v \"C:\app.log\" SETUPFILE=\"\\Sccm.domain.com\source$\Packages\software\parameters.dat\"