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Session 0

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Jan 29, 2014 at 12:28 PM
Hi guys,

been a while but still loving the toolkit :)
Just started a new package deployment using the latest version 3.0.12 on W7 only and it's looking good. Have some added difficulties because the App I need to update requires old versions uninstalled before I can deploy.
And an uninstall requires a reboot or the install wont work :( ... So far it's looking good, using a scheduled task ATLOGON to continue the installation after restart.

Running the scheduled task in the "users" (group) context but with HIGHEST level of permissions. So a user with admin rights will get the rest of the app deploy progress indicators, while a non-admin user will see nothing but it will still install (that's the intension obviously).

I know you guys have looked into the Session 0 isolation a while back and perhaps did not give up on it, but definitely moved it down the priority list. So I was doing some own researched an found an old bookmark back on the subject.

Perhaps some of the topic these guys work on could be interesting for you also :)
This article is Session 0 specific but perhaps you'll find some other interesting tricks there also.

hope it helps!